DIY Sort of Christmas



Christmas is usually a low-key occasion as the family relaxes at home, so what better way to make use of this festive time than to get creative?

When I’m not at home, I live with roommates eight months straight during the school months. Now in my third year of university, I have no idea why I never thought about making us a chore chart to take away the stresses of who has (or hasn’t) taken out the garbage, cleaned the washroom…



Seriously, now I know why my roommate is obsessed with the dollar store – it has everything! I got all the supplies during a quick trick while Christmas shopping and I think I will be doing a lot of crafty things this year! Walking down the aisles and seeing how the dollar store sold magnets, I thought making a chore board for the fridge would be super cute, save us tons of wall space (especially since our walls are already decked out in artwork and photos), and easily flexible for chore rotation 😉

As silly as it sounds, I can’t wait for this new edition to our house fridge, haha!


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