Boxing Day

It has been a while since I fully embraced Boxing Day. Maybe it’s because the sales aren’t as big nowadays or the fact that I don’t really care about material possessions anymore. I remember what a brat I was when I was younger as I’d get whiny and upset if I left the mall without a shopping bag in hand needless of whether I really wanted that overpriced t-shirt. How my parents dealt with my 13 year old self will always be a mystery.

Now, I never go shopping the day after Christmas. The crowds are insane, the parking lots are a mess, and clothes are never in my size! If I do go, it’s to search for maybe an item or two that I really need (like this year when I wanted to buy a peacoat and even then, the price wasn’t marked down as much as you’d imagine behind the hype of Boxing Day sales).


I’m 20 now and have grown up so much. Instead of maneuvering through masses of people at overcrowded malls, I spent my Boxing Day with family and played Operation for the first time! As my 8 year old cousin giggled and taught me how to play, I hoped that when she reaches the preteen years that she wasn’t going to be a superficial nightmare like I was back in the day.


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