My Friend, My Lover, My Karma

sounds oddly familiar.

Thought Catalog

She was unstoppable, unreasonable, and a little bit crazy. Yet everyone seemed to fall in love with her. Every man she encountered became obsessed with the idea of her. She never understood why, she did everything in her power to make guys hate her. She did not want anyone to love her, she did not want anyone to give her the time of day. The more she tried to make them fall out of love with her, the more they clinged on. She was a free spirit with an enormous love for life and a strong passion to live. But she was too selfish to share that love with anyone else. But what happens when she falls in love?

What happens when everything she has avoided her whole life suddenly comes crashing into her life, unexpectedly, taking her breath away. Friend, lover, or foe, the feeling is the same. She…

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