The Time of Year Again…

…for New Years resolutions!

I don’t think I’ve ever made resolutions to follow every year nor do I think that they’re silly goals that go unfulfilled during the new 365 days ahead of us. I believe that resolutions sometimes fail because the goals we make aren’t specific enough – they’re too vague without clear boundaries that allow us to cheat and make excuses.

For some reason, I feel more clear-headed and enlightened this year to make a few attainable and realistic goals that I am excited to achieve! They’re also resolutions that aren’t exclusive to 2014 nor something you simply put a checkmark beside – these goals will always be ongoing!

1. Read a chapter a day: …and this does not mean a chapter out of a school textbook. I tend to focus so much of my energy and concentration on school that I forget to take time for myself to de-stress and relax. My goal is to read before bed every night like I used to – the bookworm I was back in the day always looked forward to this time of day to lose myself in a good book. During the holidays, I bought ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series (or more popularly known as The Game of Thrones) so that I have enough reading material for my next four months of studies. I already started and thank goodness I am actually enjoying it (the genre is something I don’t usually gravitate towards), so no excuses when I return to school in five days! 

2. Make an effort to write in my journal everyday: …it can be a one-liner or a recollection of my day but the point is to write! Since university started, there isn’t much creative writing so I feel like I’m losing that side of me. During winter break, I found my past journals sitting in the drawer of my nightstand and pulled an all-nighter reminiscing the memories I captured on paper. I was literally rolling around in bed laughing and reliving the past. University is going by so fast (two and a half years before convocation!) and I want to be able to reflect back in a few years and not forget a single moment! 

3. Smile more: …and don’t avert gazes while walking down the street. I tend to shyly look down whenever I lock eyes with anyone, but this year I will take my awkwardness down a notch and smile 🙂 I’ve been trying and it is actually harder than it sounds but I think it will help boost feelings of positivity (and you can never have enough of that)!

Cheers to a prosperous new year!


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