10 Freaky YouTube Videos For People Who Can’t Resist Scaring The Crap Out Of Themselves

What to do during nights of insomnia.

Thought Catalog

1. Max Headroom

During a three hour span on the evening of November 22, 1987 an unidentified person (or group of people) successfully hacked into two TV station’s broadcasts, playing the video above. Dressed to resemble Max Headroom, the lead character in an eponymous science fiction show he oddly danced around the screen mumbling weird non-sequitor statements.

At one point he mooned the camera while another person said “Bend over bitch” and spanked him.

The creepiest part of the video, to me, is the random jumbled phrases the Max Headroom character says. It’s one thing to devote massive time and energy (and risk going to jail) to send out a message about an issue you care about–but to do that work to act like a schitzo and dance? What’s the point? Not having a motive is the scariest motive of all.

While the case remains unsolved, a reddit user claims…

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