I don’t visit home in Toronto very often when I’m in school two hours away, so deciding to return to the big city for the weekend just two weeks into the new term was strange. It was one of my best friend’s birthday and though I was huffing and puffing while carrying my heavy duffel bag and backpack from class to class, hopping on the Greyhound at the end of the day reminded me of my love for traveling. Mind you, the furthest I’ve ever been from home is El Monte, California (and that was almost five years ago), and though that was pretty exciting, just the simple sensation of traveling puts me at ease.

I love sitting on the bus and watching the world pass by as I stare out the window. I love closing my eyes on the Greyhound and the feelings of nostalgia that arise from every song that plays on my music player. I love walking because it makes me feel healthy, lively and spontaneous as I never know who I will bump into on my way to my destination.

If my everyday travels gets me this excited, imagine what traveling abroad would be like for me! Currently I am hoping to practice my French in Quebec or Nova Scotia in the spring after my winter studies, and possibly go off to Europe or Asia for a term in my last year of university before convocation. It will be scary and expensive as hell but do what you love and love what you do!


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